In a post-apocalyptic world, where the dead come back to life to feed on the living, an incredibly dysfunctional family struggles to survive and to find a safe place where they can rebuild their lives, while dealing with their own personal problems from the past. A story of survival is a horror/drama book and TV show written by Daniel S.



Also StarringEdit

  • Claire Davis;
  • Paige Millers;
  • Noah;
  • Taylor;
  • Meredith;
  • Jack;
  • Phil;
  • Sofie;
  • Luke;
  • David;
  • Peter;
  • Frank;
  • Debra;
  • Bella;
  • Tony;
  • Scott;
  • Greg;
  • Lindsay.


  • Caroline Ward;
  • Skyler Michaelson;
  • Haley Brooks;
  • Hayden Turner;
  • Julie;
  • Hailey;
  • Tyler;
  • Henry;
  • Carrie;
  • Carter;
  • Clyde;
  • Brian;
  • Chloe;
  • Jeff;
  • Zack;
  • Lynn;
  • Jasper;
  • Stevens;
  • Zoey;
  • Joseph.


  • Emily Marsh;
  • Kat Winters;
  • Dr. Cromwell;
  • Doug;
  • Jessy;
  • Grace's dogs.

Trivia/Notes Edit

  • A Story of Survival was the first official My Own World story to be written.
  • This project was dropped halfway through the first season and book due to the rising popularity of original titles such as Blakewood and Teen Mutants, as well as its similarities to the TV show, The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman.
    • It's been rumoured that after Blakewood is finished, many of the most popular older projects will suffer a reboot. To this time, the only projects confirmed to get a reboot is Teen Mutants and The Reunion, with the rumours of A Story Of Survival reboot as well.