A True Story Of Survival is a book written by Daniel S, based on real life events. It's the only book in Daniel S' career that does not contain any fiction whatsoever.


Meet every member of the Emmerson family, a very dysfunctional family, each one with his own personal problem. From Tracy and Michael's romantic problems, to Kara's dark past and Susan's infertility. Find out each of their life stories and how they turned it around. A book based in real events.



Also StarringEdit


  • Hayden Turner;
  • Sophia Jensen;
  • Johanna Whitmore;
  • Elle Montgomery;
  • Cole Patterson;
  • Joey Phillips;
  • Brad Shostack;
  • Matt Rivers;
  • Nick;
  • Zandra Anderson;
  • Dr. Cromwell;
  • Paul;
  • Meredith;
  • Damien.
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