Alison Sinclair refers to a character in many different My Own World projects.

Alternate Reality Versions Edit

Character Overview Edit

Alison Sinclair is seen as a calm, smart and seemingly nice girl.

In all her incarnations, Alison's story always connects with Nathan's, most often as a romantic relationship.

She is known for caring for those she cares about most and is always eager to help them. Among her interests, there's horror movies, TV series and, at some level, video games.

Deaths Edit

Alison has had some deaths across the My Own World universe:

  • Blakewood: Alison becomes the vessel of the demon of envy, being killed by Nathan out of mercy.
  • The Walking Dead Remake: Alison was abducted by a rival group of survivors and shot in the head by their leader, who Nathan murders right after.

Trivia/Notes Edit

  • Alison Sinclair first appeared in Teen Mutants in the mid of 2013. She later made her second appearance in Season 2 of The Walking Dead Remake, her biggest role to date, later dying in season 5.
  • Alison seems to be a vegetarian in every reality, something else she has in common with Nathan.
  • Alison became part of My Own World with the arrival of the second wave of characters, becoming one of the only new main characters, along with Skyler Michaelson and Tracy Emmerson.