Bound By Death is a Horror/Mystery miniseries created by Daniel S and published on the summer of 2014. It contains a total of 9 episodes, being also one of the most famous books written by Daniel.

About Bound By DeathEdit

When Caroline and Nathan are transferred to a new school, they quickly feel the fear coming from their classmates, a fear coming from a secret that none of them wants to talk about. In the center of this secret is a mysterious girl by the name of Skyler. Nathan and Caroline immediately notice the girl, but soon they realize that, apparently, no one else sees her.

Seasons Edit

Season 1 Edit

Episodes Edit

  • Pilot
  • Secrets
  • Things That Don't Exist
  • I Don't Wanna Die!
  • The Explanation
  • Cold Hands
  • The Dead Ones
  • The Trip Starts
  • The Trip Ends



Also StarringEdit

  • Haley Brooks;
  • Claire Davis;
  • Paige Millers;
  • Hanna Holt (Deceased);
  • Natasha Collins (Deceased);
  • Hunter Ross (Deceased);
  • Hayden Turner (Deceased);
  • Sophia Jensen (Deceased);
  • Johanna Whitmore (Deceased);
  • Elle Montgomery (Deceased);
  • Kenna Harrinson (Deceased);
  • Cole Patterson (Deceased);
  • Dr. Cromwell (Deceased);
  • Amber Ward (Deceased);
  • Emma Adams (Deceased).


  • Justin Wilson (Deceased);
  • Kat Winters (Deceased);
  • Brad Shostack (Deceased);
  • Matt Rivers (Deceased);
  • Hal Hillman (Deceased);
  • Nick Raley (Deceased).


  • Sam Emmerson;
  • Tracy Emmerson;
  • Carrie Michaelson (Deceased);
  • Lindsay (Deceased);
  • Damien;
  • Joey Philips (Deceased).

Deaths Edit

  • Joey Phillips: Joey died in an accident 56 years ago. There are various rumours to how he died. Some say it was a plane crash, others a car accident or even a fire.
  • Hayden's Brother: Hayden's brother was killed by the curse 2 years ago.
  • Hayden Turner: Hayden was hit by a car in the year her brother was part of the curse, becoming the extra student this year. All this is revealed in The Trip Ends.
  • Elle's Grandfather: It is revealed in The Trip Ends that Elle's grandfather died a year before the story, never being specified how it happened.
  • Carrie Michaelson (Pilot): Although it isn't shown, Skyler explains in The Trip Starts that her sister, Carrie, was the first victim of the curse.
  • Elle's Mother (Things That Don't Exist): Died in a car accident.
  • Elle Montgomery (Things That Don't Exist): Elle slips on the school's stairs and falls, hitting her head and dying on her way to the hospital.
  • Amber Ward (I Don't Wanna Die!): Amber dies when the ropes of the elevator of the hospital snap, making her fall to her death.
  • Nick Raley (The Explanation): Nick dies from a heart attack.
  • Dr. Cromwell's Wife (Cold Hands): Dr. Cromwell killed his wife before commiting suicide.
  • Dr. Cromwell (Cold Hands): Commited suicide by ingesting an entire box of pills after murdering his wife.
  • Sophia Jensen (The Dead Ones): Sophia is training for a swimming competition when she hits her head in the pool, drowning.
  • Brad Shostack (The Dead Ones): Brad's father loses control of the car and they both die, along with Matt and Hal while trying to escape the curse for Spring break.
  • Brad's Father (The Dead Ones): Loses control of the car, causing a fatal accident.
  • Matt Rivers (The Dead Ones): Dies in a car accident while trying to escape the town for Spring break.
  • Hal Hillman (The Dead Ones): Hal is another victim of the car accident.
  • Justin Wilson (The Trip Starts): Justin chokes on his food during dinner and dies.
  • Kat Winters (The Trip Ends): Kat was attacked by the manager and stabbed multiple times, being left to die. She is later murdered by Cole.
  • Hunter Ross (The Trip Ends): Hunter is murdered by Cole while protecting Kat.
  • Emily Marsh (The Trip Ends): While trying to kill Skyler, Emily slips on the rug and falls through a window, breaking her neck on impact, which instantly kills her.
  • Johanna Whitmore (The Trip Ends): Skyler is forced to kill Johanna by stabbing her in the stomach with a knife in self-defense.
  • Natasha Collins (The Trip Ends): Natasha is stabbed in the back by Cole, who went on a killing spree to get rid of the extra student.
  • Elle's Grandmother (The Trip Ends): To save Claire and Paige, the spanish teacher is forced to kill the manager with her own knife.
  • Emma Adams (The Trip Ends): When Haley and Emma finally reach the exit, Cole appears by surprise, slicing Emma's throat.
  • Hanna Holt (The Trip Ends): Hanna is also stabbed in the back by Cole after finding Nathan, pleading for her life seconds before she dies.
  • Cole Patterson (The Trip Ends): To save Nathan's life, Hayden stabs Cole in the stomach after discovering he murdered 5 of her friends.
  • Hayden Turner (The Trip Ends): Hayden ends up dying from a wound caused by Cole's knife, being revealed that she was the extra student.

Trivia Edit

  • It has been rumoured that many older projects might be getting a reboot, including Bound By Death, accused of not giving characters enough depth and having some confusing plot points.
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