Earth-4 is largely identical to the normal universe. The only difference is that curses and ghosts are real.

The CurseEdit

56 years ago, in a sophomore class, there was a student named Joey. Being a good student and an amazing athlete, the boy was popular with both students and teachers. Then, Joey suddenly died. His classmates didn't want to accept the cruel truth so they kept pretending he was still alive. In the end of the year, they took a group photo in the classroom, including the place where Joey used to seat. And in that photo, Joey's ghost appeared.

This event lead other ghosts to believe that that class welcomed the dead, and every year one came back, having no memories of their death. But it wasn't natural for the dead to come back to life, so reality itself tried to make things right. It starts killing students randomly until it gets the extra student. If the extra student is killed, the curse will end.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Aveiro
    • Vagos
      • Vagos' High School
      • Caroline's house
    • Aveiro's Hospital
    • The Mansion


  • Nathan Emmerson
  • Caroline Ward
  • Skyler Michaelson
  • Haley Brooks
  • Claire Davis
  • Paige Millers
  • Sam Emmerson
  • Hanna Holt (Deceased)
  • Natasha Collins (Deceased)
  • Justin Wilson (Deceased)
  • Hunter Ross (Deceased)
  • Hayden Turner (Deceased)
  • Sophia Jensen (Deceased)
  • Johanna Whitmore (Deceased)
  • Elle Mongomery (Deceased)
  • Kenna Harrinson (Deceased)
  • Kat Norris (Deceased)
  • Cole Patterson (Deceased)
  • Joey Philips (Deceased)
  • Brad Shostack (Deceased)
  • Matt Rivers Deceased)
  • Hal Hillman (Deceased)
  • Nick Raley (Deceased)
  • Dr. Cromwell (Deceased)
  • Emma Adams (Deceased)
  • Amber Ward (Deceased)
  • Carrie Michaelson (Deceased)
  • Damien
  • Jessica (Deceased)
  • Detective
  • Ms. Montgomery (Deceased)
  • Librarian
  • Claire's Brother
  • Hayden's Brother (Deceased)
  • Spanish Teacher