Hayden Turner refers to a character in many different My Own World projects.

Alternate Reality VersionsEdit

Character OverviewEdit

Hayden's roles in My Own World have switched from project to project, including survivor, bipolar, curse, witch, normal high school student and some more. She always seems to start as either a villain or a neutral character. She sometimes becomes a better person and others continues as a villain.

In all her incarnations, Hayden is both independent and smart, being somehow connected to characters such as Kat or Emma.


  • A Story Of Survival: Hayden was with her mother in the city when they got attacked. It is presumed they both died although it was never confirmed.
  • Bound By Death: Hayden is stabbed in the stomach while preventing Cole from murdering Nathan, dying from blood loss moments later.


  • Hayden Turner was supposed to make her first appearance in Teen Mutants  in the mid of 2013, however, during the rewriting of the pilot of the series "The Walking Dead Remake", Hayden was included with only a few lines and her name not even mentioned. This makes her first appearance to be on The Walking Dead Remake and her first major role on Teen Mutants.
  • Hayden was not supposed to appear in the pilot of The Walking Dead Remake. With the rewriting, Hayden was included and her role expanded on Season 3.
  • Hayden's character has been related to sudden mood swings multiple times.
  • Starting as a member of the recurring cast, Hayden became much more popular with her roles on Bound By Death and Teen Mutants, which got her a spot on the main cast of My Own World.
  • With the recent remake of the Skyler Mikaelson series, it is unknown if Hayden will still be included in the story.
  • Hayden suffered many name changes on her first draft for A Story of Survival, starting as Addison Butler, followed by Hayden Butler and, finally, Hayden Turner. The writer stated that he sees this as ironic though to her following role on Teen Mutants.