"Kenna don't! If he wants to kill himself, let him! But don't go too..."
-Hayden to Kenna about Nathan, Pilot

Hayden Turner was a 17 year old portuguese student and belonged to the same class as Nathan Emmerson and Kenna Harrinson. She is now a main character and survivor of the outbreak.


Not much has been revealed yet about this character's personality. She seems to be tough, independent and smart. Hayden believes that, even with the conditions in which they are now forced to live, suicide is never an option.

When it comes to her relations with others, Hayden tries not to get too attached to people, believing she will end up losing them, not wanting to be hurt, and when necessary, she tries to push them away, being cold towards them. But when she does develop a relationship with someone, Hayden becomes very protective of them and cares about them a lot, although she tries to hide it.

Hayden doesn't like to kill, not even walkers. She prefers to run away whenever it is possible and only kills if she has no other choice.


Hayden was one of the students who was in the classroom when Nathan and Kenna decided to leave and was later evacuated by the military.


Season 1Edit


Hayden was in a geography class when the apocalypse started. She witnessed her teacher being eaten alive by a reanimated corpse and was very disturbed by it. When Nathan leaves the classroom and Kenna offers to go with him, Hayden opposes to the idea, but Kenna still goes anyway.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Possibly none.


Skyler MichaelsonEdit

Hayden and Skyler seem to have a stable friendship. When the two and her classmates witnessed the death of their geography teacher and Hayden starts crying, Skyler is seen comforting her.

Kat WintersEdit

Hayden's relationship with Kat is yet to be developed.

Kenna HarrinsonEdit

Kenna and Hayden have not interacted much, but when Kenna offered to leave the classroom with Nathan, Hayden asked her not to do it, afraid they will both die.

Nathan EmmersonEdit

From what has been seen, Nathan and Hayden seem to have a complicated friendship. They have been friends but also had many misunderstandings along the time they met.


Season 1Edit


  • Hayden is one of the many characters introduced in the season 1 premiere that does not come back until season 3.
  • Hayden's fate after being evacuated by the military, like many of her classmates', is still unknown and it will only be revealed on the third season.