Into The Asylum is an upcoming horror tv series created by Daniel S.


When Caroline Ward starts having hallucinations who become real and deadly, she ends up by admitting herself into an asylum, believing that that's where she belongs. But this did not stop her hallucinations and the number of deaths keeps rising. It's up to her and some of her new friends to stop this before somebody else suffers. But in a madhouse, who can you really trust?



  • Caroline Ward;
  • Nathan Emmerson;
  • Skyler Michaelson;
  • Haley Brooks;

Also StarringEdit

  • Sophia Jensen;
  • Hunter Ross;
  • Matt Rivers;
  • Cassidy Conner;
  • Sarah Tyler;
  • Brad Shostack;
  • Hayden Turner;
  • Kenna Harrinson;
  • Paige Millers.


  • Johanna


  • It has been confirmed that Skyler will be a pacient in the asylum, who was accused of murder unfairly.
  • Hunter Ross was confirmed to be a pacient who used to kill women and then rape them.