Nathan Emmerson refers to a character in many different My Own World projects.

Alternate Reality VersionsEdit

Character OverviewEdit

Nathan's roles in My Own World include: apocalypse/curse survivor, mutant with the power of intangibility, witch, normal high school student, and many more.

In all of his incarnations, Nathan, much like his best friend Caroline, greatly values his friendships, being amazingly loyal to them. He is caring and forgiving and never stays mad at anyone he truly cares about for too long. Nathan's impressive devotion to his friends is a trait that has been used against him in several realities by his enemies. Nathan enjoys writing, playing video games and is also addicted to coffee. Something that marks this character in every Earth as well is his wish to leave his home town for something more and his shyness.

Nathan is a main character in almost all of his appearances.


Nathan is one of the few characters who never truly died in any reality.


  • Nathan Emmerson first appeared in The Walking Dead Remake on 2013.
  • Nathan dislikes Brad Shostack in every reality.
  • Nathan has been acknowledged as a vegan or vegetarian in some realities. He's also stated that he knows or has been learning sign language.
  • His alternate versions have shown various different professional interests: Cinema, writing, journalism, psychology and, at some point, criminology. This shows Nathan's uncertainty regarding his future.
  • Nathan is an original My Own World main character, along with Caroline Ward, Haley Brooks, Paige MillersClaire Davis and Sam Emmerson.
  • At first, Nathan's character was usually connected to zombie survival stories due to its creator's interest in the genre. This later changed to the supernatural genre in general.
  • Nathan is the only character whose whole family appears in My Own World.
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