Paige Millers refers to a character in many different My Own World projects.

Alternate Reality VersionsEdit

Character OverviewEdit

In every incarnation of Paige, she is always Claire Davis' best friend and shares a close friendship with Nathan Emmerson, Haley Brooks and Caroline Ward, although their relationships tend to change throughout the projects and usually become more distant.

Something that also never changes is Paige's intelligence and independence.


Paige is one of the few characters who never truly died in any known reality.


  • Paige first appeared in The Walking Dead Remake on 2013.
  • This character's name started by being Skyler, but the name was then changed to Paige and the name "Skyler" was given to another character (See Skyler Michaelson). On the first draft, her name was Catherine, also known as Kitty. The name was based on the author's favorite comic book character, Kitty Pryde, which also inspired Nathan Emmerson's powers on Teen Mutants.