Skyler Michaelson refers to a character in many different My Own World projects.

Alternate Reality VersionsEdit

Character OverviewEdit

Skyler Michaelson (or Mikaelson) goes from a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, to a mutant with the ability of absorbing other mutants' powers, memories and life force, to a survivor of the curse. She goes from a normal highschool student, to a hybrid, to a patient in a madhouse.

In any of her incarnations, Skyler is a fun, smart, sociable girl. She's a skilled singer and guitar player in every dimension and her crush is almost always a guy named Josh. She's usually friends with people like Nathan Emmerson and Caroline Ward, but it is stated in every reality that her best friend is Emma Adams.

Skyler Michaelson is a main character in almost all of her appearences, even having some projects mainly focused on her, like Skyler Mikaelson, Skyler Psychology and Skyler Michaelson: The Vampire Hunter.


  • Skyler is one of the few characters who never truly died in any reality.


  • Skyler's character is usually connected to vampire stories, mainly because her creator was very fond of that kind of subject.
  • Skyler Michaelson first appeared on Skyler Mikaelson in the Summer of 2014.
  • Skyler joined the My Own World family with the arrival of the second wave of characters, becoming one of the only new main characters, along with Alison Sinclair and Tracy Emmerson, being the one who appears the most out of the three.
  • Skyler is a talented singer and guitar player in every reality.
  • Skyler's character is seen eating more often than any other character in most dimensions, spending a lot of time in places like her school's bar. This fact is more notable on Blakewood.
  • This character was originally meant to be named Mia, while the name "Skyler" was supposed to be assigned to Paige Millers.
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