The ability to manipulate objects with the mind.

Applications Edit

Basic Level Edit

  • Binding: to keep object/being from moving.
  • Levitation: to lift an object into the air.
  • Enhanced Strength: Using their mental capability, users can augment their strength.
  • Choking: To strangle others.
  • Maneuver: To alter an object's direction.
  • Push/Pull: To pull towards or push an object away from the user.

Advanced Level Edit

  • Motor-Skill Manipulation: To manipulate the movements of others.
  • Object Manipulation: To alter an object's inner workings, like unlocking a door.
  • Compression: To crush an object.
  • Force Field Generation: The ability to create a protective force field that will stop anything that comes in contact with it.
  • Destruction: To make an object explode
  • Flight: To use telekinesis to fly.
  • Stasis Field: To stop every movement around the user.
  • Cutting: to be able to cut utilizing telekinesis
  • Disintegration: To turn object/beings into dust.

Limitations Edit

  • Only able to move objects seen by the user.
  • User may not be able to move object that are too heavy.

Known Users Edit

Sam Emmerson (Earth-3) Edit

Sam is an advanced level user of this ability and the only limitations to his power seem to be the two above. Besides that, Sam is a really gifted mutant and might possibly be one of the most powerful.

Witches (Earth-6) Edit

Witches in Blakewood are capable of performing spells that allow them to use this ability in a variety of ways.