The Reunion is an upcoming horror movie project by Daniel S.

About The Reunion Edit

In their last year of high school, the popular students played a prank on another group, which caused the death of one of them. Presently, 5 years later, all the classes gather at a resort on a mountain for their high school reunion. What they think would be a calm weekend turns into a nightmare when former students start disappearing and turning out dead. Stranded on the remote mountain, they must now fight to survive.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

  • Nathan Emmerson
  • Haley Brooks
  • Caroline Ward
  • Claire Davis
  • Paige Millers
  • Skyler Michaelson
  • Hayden Turner
  • Emma Adams
  • Jason White
  • Hanna Holt
  • Natasha Collins
  • Kenna Harrinson

Also Starring Edit

  • Sophia Jensen
  • Johanna Whitmore
  • Cole Patterson
  • Brad Shostack
  • Hunter Ross
  • Kat Winters
  • Jessica
  • Aaron

Co-Stars Edit

  • Joey Philips
  • Luke Blackwell
  • Matt Rivers
  • Hal Hillman
  • Nick Raley

Trivia Edit

  • This project is the first to announce the fourth character wave, bringing, at least, Jason White, Jessica and Aaron.
  • This is the first project where Emma Adams, Hanna Holt, Natasha Collins, Jason White and Kenna Harrinson are considered protagonists.
    • It is also the last project where Kenna Harrinson uses this name, her name being altered to Emily Marsh later on.