The following is a list of deaths in the "The Walking Dead Remake" series.

Season 1 Edit

Pilot Edit

  • Dora: The English teacher. Probably bit by a walker.
  • Geography Teacher: Devoured by a zombified Dora.
  • Dora (Zombified): Shot in the head by soldiers during the evacuation.
  • Adler's Mother (Zombified): Adler killed her own mother to protect Nathan and Kenna.
  • Possibly Some Students: During the evacuation, it is likely that some of the high school students died.

Time Edit

  • Hal Hillman: Devoured by walkers in his tent during a herd attack.
  • Illyana Anderson: Bit by walkers various times during the herd attack.

Grief Edit

  • Illyana Anderson (Zombified): Illyana returns and tries to kill her mother, forcing Brad to kill her.
  • Miguel Anderson: After being bit during the herd attack, Miguel asks to be left behind, knowing he wouldn't make it. The group grants him his wish.

Gone Edit

  • Zandra: As the lab is about to explode, Zandra decides to stay behind, committing suicide.
  • William Connors: Commits suicide, along with Zandra.

Season 2 Edit

Episode 3 Edit

  • Wallace: Brad sacrifices Wallace to save himself by shooting him in the leg and leaving him behind to be devoured by walkers, giving Brad time to escape.

Episode 6 Edit

  • Lydia Anderson (Zombified): Shot in the head by Nathan after being discovered in the barn.
  • Barn Walkers: Brad opens the barn against Wallace's orders and the group proceeds to slaughter all of them.

Episode 7 Edit

  • Alison and Avery's Mother (Zombified): Alison runs to her mother's corpse, believing it to be dead. Turns out, she had survived the massacre and attacks her. Paige then finishes her by running a scythe through her head.
  • Two Unnamed Men: Shot by Joey.

Episode 8 Edit

  • Unnamed people: After the two men were killed by Joey, the rest of the group goes looking for them, which starts a fight between them, Joey, Raymond and Matt.

Episode 9 Edit

  • Sierra: Attacked by a zombie that opened a hole in her stomach. Later shot in the head as an act of mercy by Nathan.

Episode 10 Edit

  • Randall: Neck snapped by Brad. He later returns as a walker and is stabbed in the head by Joey.
  • Brad: In self defense, Nathan stabs Brad in the stomach. He later returns as a walker, Sam shooting him in the head to save his brother.
  • Austin: Devoured by zombies in the RV.
  • Julia: As Alison and Julie flee together, two walkers grab Julia, biting her on the neck and continuing to eat her alive as she holds on to Alison's hand.