My Own World is an upcoming project created by Daniel S, in collaboration with Joana O.


Not much is known yet about this project, except what it was already confirmed:

  • The story will focus on the roman gods, who were sent to earth by a curse and are now forced to live normal lives.
  • The main characters in this project are not going to be the usual ones (like Nathan, Caroline or Skyler). It will focus on new characters, never seen before in other "My Own World" projects.
  • Venus, the Goddess of love, was confirmed to appear. On earth, she'll be the owner of a strip club called "The Island of Love".
  • Jupiter, the roman counterpart of Zeus, was confirmed to be the mayor of the city, with Mercury as his secretary.




  • It was confirmed that some of the cast of "My Own World" might appear in cameos or as secondary characters.
  • They're One Of Us is the first "My Own World" project where the main characters do not include Nathan Emmerson, Caroline Ward or Skyler Michaelson.
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